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New SW for a support of planning of recce mission on the market

R-SYS have just placed new SW application on the market – Mission Planning Software (MIPS) – which is designed for a support of planning and preparation of reconnaissance (recce) missions executed by use of passive surveillance sensors (PSS), or mobile radar systems, air defence equipment, and optionally it can be used for a creation of radio networks. The released MIPS version is designed for a planning of recce missions by use of VERA-NG passive surveillance system.
MIPS facilitates a planning of recce missions through a deployment of recce stations within an area of interest in a way to enable an optimal coverage of the area while providing a required accuracy of target positioning.
MIPS provides a set of tools for terrain analysis to enable the most appropriate location of stations while satisfying criteria specified by the user. The said tools serve for a calculation of: radio/visual line of sight and analysis of radio propagation between stations (Fresnel zones); terrain elevation profile; and target positioning accuracy based on dilution of precision' concepts (DOP, GDOP).
MIPS is supported by digital terrain model (DTED) providing map data and geographic data to create an appropriate map environment over the area of interest where candidate sites for location of recce stations satisfying terrain analysis criteria are searched. Once located the user can verify site locations for available infrastructure, accessibility (e.g. roads), etc. and re-locate stations as appropriate.
Finally, an output of terrain analysis is presented on the operator screens in a graphical form visualizing various station layouts to assess the site suitability for a satisfaction of recce mission objectives. For reporting purposes MIPS offers an export of a screen copy or map window to pdf. or png.file.
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