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AisWeb - start of trial run on July 2015

It is with pleasure to announce that AisWeb, the SW product for flight planning and pilot briefing has been developed and delivered to Letové prevádzkové služby,š.p. (Slovak ANS Provider) by R-SYS Ltd.
AisWeb is capable of:

  • Creating and/or modifying your personal details
  • Setting your own flight environment through a selection of maps (including ICAO map of 1:500 000 scale), NAVAID layers, obstacles, VIP objects, etc.
  • Generating a database of aircraft (including their performance parameters) for flight route planning and automatic FPL completing
  • Generating a database of own flight routes in graphical and textual form
  • Specifying a buffer zone around your planned route for automatic selection of flight-related information
  • Modifying/duplicating the stored flight plans
  • Viewing a horizontal/vertical flight profile providing current flight route-related information
  • Flight reporting; output in PDF format contains – label, elevation profile of a terrain; map showing the route; COMM/NAV, NOTAMs, FUA information, airport data, etc.
  • Submitting FPL by making a choice from your stored FPL list or by filling the FPL form out (not available in trial run)

AisWeb provides the user with following tools:

  • AIS Browser - to view up-to-date AIS data (such as NOTAM, SNOWTAM, FUA, SDO, etc)
  • Airport Browser – to view all airport-related collection of documents
  • User Objects – to draw or create your own objects
  • Measurement – to measure distance between two objects/points
  • Weather – to view current meteorological information

All information is, within AisWeb environment displayed in real-time. A purpose of AisWeb testing is to assess its proper operation, and a correctness of distributed flight-related information (such as map data, database data, aeronautical information, etc.) so that to adequately meet the applicable standards and customer needs.
AisWeb, currently for use by registered IBAF users (free registration at: is available free of charge in SK, EN and CZ language at:

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