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R-GUARD Integrated Control Centre

Integrated Control Centre (ICC) is a key element of the R-GUARD Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. ICC is equipped with sophisticated software for sensor data processing and a display of situation picture within the outer perimeter of protected area. An output of surveillance sensors (radars) and controlled EO/IR camera system into ICC provides a high degree of security of protected area with low rate of false alarms.

ICC software serves for a processing of radar data in real time and a presentation of radar output on the operators' screens. Automated or manual control of connected camera systems facilitates the unknown object's identification. The user can benefit from an indication of a speed and direction of intruder's movement, and an availability of automatic warning or alert in case of intruder's entry into active zone of protection.

Besides this, ICC supports an evaluation of incoming threat of intrusion, taking security measures and a control of response forces operations. ICC is designed in such a way to enable a control of response teams by just one ICC operator.
ICC software enables the user to define 4D protection zones specified by the zone coordinates [XY], time validity (active/inactive zone) and protection level (critical, high or low).
All perimeter protection-related information is presented over the map layers of satellite pictures, vector or raster maps and user-defined objects such as buildings, terrain obstacles, etc.

ICC main features:
  • Central sensor data processing
  • Detection, location and tracking of targets, identification and classification of targets
  • 2D/3D data presentation over map layout in real time
  • Threat evaluation for decision-making support
  • Effective mission control through data exchange between ICC and response forces
  • Zone Tracking management (by user-defined active/inactive zone time table)
  • Control of video surveillance systems
  • Generation of situation picture by merge of radar & EO/IR sensor data
  • Presentation of integrated situation picture on large-screen displays (mono/multi-screen displays or video walls)
  • Recording and replay capability for after action review and training purposes
  • Integration of person/vehicle access control system, option
  • AIS data processing for vessel tracking, option
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