Precision Approach Data display

PAD is dedicated to military GCA of aircraft present in a configurable range of sensors within controlled terminal area of an airport. It enables to display tracks in horizontal and vertical view within the controlled area, and display of static information (such as descent lines, safety limits, etc.). MMI and visual display system has been developed in compliance with military ATC procedures and can be further customized according to customers’ requirements. Features of advanced graphics enhance the GCA controller performance.

PAD provides the GCA operator with precision guidance tools for aircraft departing or approaching a runway using target information displayed in both horizontal and vertical view of climb/descent path, thus enabling safe take-off/landing even in adverse weather conditions.


  • Display position of aircraft occurring within dedicated PAD range
  • Track processing – calculation of vertical and lateral deviations from glide path and RWY centerline, respectively
  • Indication of track attributes in the target label or target list (Mode 3A, Mode C, Mode 1,2, WGS84 position, distributed height, callsign, speed, heading, etc.)
  • Display/suppression of target labels according to the selected criteria
  • RWY configuration, active RWY selection
  • Distance measuring between any two points or tracks, or track-to-point