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Surveillance Sensors

Vessel Tracking Radar (VTR) serves for a tracking of vessels on rivers, seas, coast waters or in harbours. For an ease of operation, it can be mounted on the mast or tower buildings thus providing very good operational performance in a range of 64 km (RCS 50 m2) at scan rate of 240°/sec. Radar is connected to the control centre via Radar Video Converter (RVC). RVC is high performance unit with software-configurable radar signals processing capability transforming primary VTR video outputs into digital video data stream and plot/track reports.

BEAGLE - Middle-Range Ground Surveillance Radar is a unique lightweight portable radar capable of intercepting, detecting and recognizing targets on or close to the ground. It can also classify and differentiate targets based on their size and movement characteristics. BEAGLE performance parameters ensure its low probability of jamming or intercepting (Low Probability of Intercept). The radar can detect targets in a range of 6 km (RCS 0.5 m2) for pedestrian, 8 km (RCS 1 m2) for armed soldier, 15 km (RCS 10 m2) for a small vehicle, or 24 km (RCS 50 m2) for a truck at scan rate of 7° or 14°/sec.

AGuard - Scanning Radar belongs to a family of compact high performance, high frequency, 360° scanning radar sensors. Housed in a lightweight rugged enclosure with an industry standard network interface, sensors can easily be used and integrated to multi-radar system. AGuard operates in all weather and light conditions, showing an extremely low false alarm rate. It can work over land and water, and detect a variety of targets: e.g. crawling, walking and running people, vehicles or boats. AGuard can determine the exact location and trajectory of target(s) with 25cm - 50cm range resolution. Target detection: 200m to 1600m (vehicle), 1170m (man) at scan rate 360°/sec.

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