3R System

Non-stop Record & Replay

3R – Recording & Replay System with Technical and Investigation Client

Audio, Video and Data Recording System (3R) is an open and modular solution based COTS HW components, and it is designed to record, replay and store audio, video & data recordings. 3R System operates continuously and is compliant with ICAO Annex 10, 11 and Doc 4444. Technical and Investigation Client (TIC) of 3R analyses, monitors and controls Recorders and Central Storage devices utilized by various users, e.g. ANSP´s Safety Department.

3R uses the following inputs:

  • Analogue voice channels (VCS Operator positions, ambient microphones, radio receivers, phone lines Q.23, POTS)
  • Digital voice channels (E1, ISDN, VoIP SIP, ED137B Vol. 4 compatible)
  • Data streams (System radar tracks in various formats, FDP data, CPDLC)
  • Video channels (ATCO screens recording VGA/DVI /DP (up to 2K x 2K), IP, CCTV camera recording)

Using our 3R system, you can benefit from shorter time of sharing of investigation files across the team, easy export of given sequences, Independent Data Display for surveillance data, and ability to select channels for online monitoring.

3R key features:

  • 365/24/7 operation with continuous recording
  • Linux-based software
  • Multi-source, multi-channel
  • All server processes automatic initiated and run on the background after operational system booting
  • Configurable retention period (per recording device and/or per channel), records quarantine and locking support
  • Time and/or meta-data record search capability
  • Central system configuration with configuration archive/history support
  • Advance user profile management, user permissions and user activities log system
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostics (status, notification, alert), SNMP support
  • Online monitoring of selected channels
  • NTP time synchronization
  • Basic and Advance export and archiving feature (HDD, USB, CD/DVD)
  • Unlimited storage, Main/Backup storage
  • Non-intrusive solution
  • Developed in compliance with ICAO Annex 10,11 and Doc 4444

3R Replay benefits:

  • Project-oriented investigation
  • Radar Data Display (RDD) showing radar data from several sources without a necessity to replay the recordings in a native application
  • RDD able to process most ASTERIX versions (easy implementation of currently not supported versions)
  • RDD able to display a complete track history and analyze it in Pair Inspector and Trajectory Manager
  • Possibility to create a self-extracting video file containing selected multiple data (screens, audio) and embed it in the final investigation report
  • Export into self-executing file (OS independent, requires Java installation) containing an external player which displays data synchronized in time
  • Interactive recording transcription via automatic time stamps input which allows to move to the beginning/end of the transcribed recording
  • other functionalities – bookmark, loop, skip silence, GoTo, played slot, play speed, voice anonymize, dual channel name (technical/user friendly), search filters, channel group definition, conversation selection, project management, GUI full/compact view, real time/stopwatch selection, channel independent volume control, main menu/independent channel menu, etc.

3R Recording benefits:

  • Store up to 20 million records/120 days
  • AN, E1/T1 (PRI, BRI) audio recording on decentralized link interfaces
  • VoIP SIP/RTP audio recording
  • VoIP ED137B audio recording including successfully completed “VOTER Eurocontrol” tests
  • At The Glass (ATG) video recording of data as seen on the screen

3R Central Monitoring System (CMS) key features:

  • Monitoring and Control/Administration of all system components connected to SkyControl network
  • Remote monitoring, control and configuration of system modules and parameters
  • Reporting of HW and SW modules status and failures
  • User management support
  • SNMP support