Who we are looking for

We are continuously looking for software engineers, whether recent graduates or experienced professionals with a passion to continue learning and expanding their knowledge. Qualification level is considered an important indicator of what one knows, nevertheless the ability and willingness to learn something new is also essential to us.

From the start, our employees do meaningful work on projects we perform for our customers mainly from the aviation community, while acquiring skills and further knowledge by mentoring (gaining skills from experienced colleagues). We believe that this our approach can be motivating for those who not only want to write a code but also to bring fresh ideas from all branches of SW development we deal with.

Our profile

20-year experience in production of Air Traffic Control/Management systems

More than 50 employees

Installations in 60 countries world-wide

Workplaces in Trenčín, Zvolen, Košice and Liptovský Mikuláš

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Employee benefits

Working in a well-established company with a motivating renumeration

Working from home & flexible work schedule

Participation on international IT projects

Result-driven project bonus of two-month salary

Supplementary life insurance & income protection insurance after the end of employee probation period

“Sick days” benefit – additional 2 days’ sick leave per year paid to an employee with at least 1 year continuous service

In-company further training and professional advancement

Children’s sports activities allowance

Employee recreation allowance

Allowance to employee catering beyond the law

Friendly work environment fostered by planned team-building events

Employee referral bonus for a reference to qualified candidates to a company

Where we work

We offer working in four offices located in Trenčín, Liptovský Mikuláš, Zvolen and Košice, however working from home became a standard privilege for everyone, as well.  

Job openings

When searching for good candidates to fill our job vacancies we attempt to attract qualified and trained people to apply for the below job opportunities:

Employment & services

Permanent job – work contract of unlimited duration for full-time or part-time employment

Temporary job – work contract of limited duration 


Consulting services – professional examination/supervision of a bachelor/master thesis

We are looking for individuals having

Positive thinking and positive attitude to work

Passion to continue learning and expanding knowledge about new technologies

Proactive behaviour at work

Effective time management

Strong teamwork skills


We do our best to ensure that our compensation program is experience-, skills- and achievements- driven while considering the experience of an employee gained in successfully completed projects.

Therefore, we prefer to negotiate a starting salary during an interview with the candidate. For those who want to know more, the salary range set by the organization is from 1300 to 4000 Euro.


+421 908 116 945