IWB (Integrated Web Briefing) – a tool that makes life easier for GA pilots.

Janusz Janiszewski, Acting President of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency has highlighted in his interview for webzin DlaPilota( :

“In Poland, in recent years, we have recorded a gigantic increase in GA traffic, which indicates that our country is growing. And one of the systems introduced for GA is IWB (Integrated Web Briefing), which is a tool that makes life easier for GA pilots.

The world is moving forward, we are moving in the electronic world. The smartphone, which almost everyone has in their pocket today, facilitates functioning in many areas of everyday life. Now it will be easier to prepare for the flight and to perform the flight itself. The basic functionality of IWB is the integration of all information necessary for pilots to plan the air operations. It enables the sending of IFR and VFR flight plans and related messages, a preview of active FUA zones in the Warsaw FIR, current NOTAMs and METEO messages.”

IWB (Integrated Web Briefing) for PANSA has been provided by R-SYS, Ltd. .

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