AFTN Terminal provides a powerful means to create and manage ICAO and ADEXP ATS messages. It enables to receive and transmit AFTN messages in accordance with ICAO, Annex 10, Aeronautical Telecommunications, Volume II.

Optional SW Configurations:

  • TWR AFTN – designed for control ToWeRs
  • ARO AFTN – designed for Airport Reporting Office
  • NOF AFTN – designed for NOTAM Office

Product Extensions:

  • STAT Module – FPL management for flights’ reporting, billing and statistic purposes
  • AEGW Module – AFTN interface to e-mail client
  • AUP Module – planning of flexible use of airspace (FUA)


  • Audible signal notifying a receipt of the message
  • Visual indication of message priority
  • Sorting of messages (received and sent messages, message queue)
  • Retrieval of messages as per search criteria (text/sender/category and time filters)
  • Print out of single/multiple messages or just message content (text)
  • Multi-Addressee List creation
  • Multi-Part Message handling
  • Request for METAR, TAF information in OPMET databases