ATC System

  • Traffic Data Presentation presents the output of data fusion coming from surveillance data sources including their identification, safety warnings and traffic-related information (airport map layout, reference points, obstacles, positions and condition of NAVAIDs, AGL, weather reports, flight plans, etc.).
  • Detection and Surveillance Data Processing of cooperative and non-cooperative mobiles within operational airport areas
  • Safety Net Calculation capability to generate alerts in case of detection of potential conflict events between mobiles in the air or in airport operational areas
  • Controlled traffic video presentation to support ATC control in order to shorten ATCO response time in case of safety warnings, to reduce false alarm rate, or to provide additional identification


  • Aircraft take-off/landing control even at very low visibility and/or unbalanced increase of traffic density
  • Contribute to an increase of traffic safety at small/middle-sized airports
  • Presentation of surveillance data output and aeronautical information coming from available data sources