Integrated Web Based AIS

AISweb provides GIS and aeronautical data via a native application as well via standard web browsers. It is an AIM tool based on a service oriented architecture, and its development focuses on the latest ANSP data visualization requirements.

AISweb follows SWIM principles – quality information delivered to the right people at the right time. The aviation operations become increasingly more data-driven and therefore more dependent on accurate and timely aeronautical information exchange. To cope with this fact, aeronautical information in the AISweb system is available in a digital form and is visualized via graphic oriented user interface. This interface offers multiple modules, such as AFTN, EAD, NM B2B, AMC, LARA, METEO, etc.


  • Static & dynamic AIS/MET data integration/visualization on one screen
  • Data fusion from multiple AIS and MET sources
  • Powerfull planning tools, enhanced functionalities
  • Safety warnings & calculations, statistics
  • Significant reduction of pre-flight effort and time
  • Open, modular, scalable, expandable architecture
  • One system – different users (Pilots, ARO, FIC, NOF, SAF, AMC, etc.)