The R-SYS has been granted the prestigious AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2023

The esteemed AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2023 has been issued to R-SYS s.r.o. by Dun & Bradstreet again in 2023, placing the company in the top 0.09% of Slovakia’s most reliable economic operations.

A AAA Rating Certificate can be obtained by operators who exhibit stable financial standing, reliable payment practices, and minimal bankruptcy risk. With this honor, R-SYS has proven that it satisfies the most stringent economic evaluation standards as determined by the Dun & Bradstreet statistical predictive model, thereby establishing itself as a dependable and trustworthy business partner for its global clientele.

R-SYS will exhibit at Airspace World 2023, Geneva

R-SYS s.r.o. together with ERA a.s., its parent company is going to exhibit its innovative products at Airspace World 2023 exhibition held in Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva on 8 – 10 March 2023. The exhibition organized by Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation, CANSO is a prestigious and global event introducing the latest trends and innovations in airspace and near-airspace management technologies. Besides the attractive exhibits that can be viewed on the exhibition area of 22 000 m2 the visitors can take part in lectures and discussions with ATM professionals

We seize this opportunity to cordially invite you to Stand No. B40 (we share with ERA a.s.) to introduce you our key product named IXO, an innovative SW solution integrating management of manned and unmanned air traffic (ATM/UTM) which has been delivered to, and is in operation of several European ANSPs.

The company R-SYS received the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

Since December 2022, R-SYS has been certified by the information security management system according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard for the following activities:

  • Design, development and delivery of custom SW and HW solutions for transportation domain and other industries including security solutions.
  • Design, development and delivery of digital recording & replay systems and related  data management.
  • Providing SaaS (SW as a Service) through third-party cloud service.

This system concerns the establishment, operation and implementation of information services and information security, which protect company data and processes from cyber-attacks. The ISO 27001 standard represents a summary of the requirements that our company R-SYS s.r.o. meets, so that it is considered trustworthy and safe from the point of view of information security.

This certificate is valid from 15 December 2022 until 31 October 2025 and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits.


The R-SYS s.r.o., has once again been granted the prestigious AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2022 awarded by Dun & Bradstreet ranking the R-SYS among 0.09% of the most credible economic operators of Slovakia.

AAA Rating Certificate can be achieved by operators having a strong financial position, sound payment behaviour and low risk of bankruptcy. By this award, the R-SYS demonstrated meeting the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Dun & Bradstreet’s statistical predictive model to become a trustworthy and reliable business partner for its customers worldwide.

R-SYS as the main partner of the DRONTEX 2022 Conference

Our company R-SYS,s.r.o. has been actively cooperating for a long time with the Mám Dron Association on the development and operation of the MamDron information system, which is being used as a mobile application by almost 3,000 drone pilots in the Slovak Republic. Our common activities also resulted in the cooperation on the DRONTEX Conference that was held on the 20th of October 2022 in Piešťany as the first professional event of its kind in Slovakia, and offered to its 150 participants 30 presentations and speeches of experts in umnanned aircraft technologies including the experts from EASA and GUTMA.

Besides the assistance R-SYS provided in the preparation of the conference programme, our CEO Ing. Marek Náhlik addressed the audience in the session Management of Unmanned Aerial Operations, where he introduced the prospects of autonomous air transport in the context of solutions developed by our company. The management of unmanned aerial operations is one of the topics covered by R-SYS as a part of the IXO System, which has been successfully deployed in various modifications in several European countries.


R-SYS will be present at the number one exhibition in the world of air traffic – WATM Madrid.

R-SYS, Ltd. together with its mother company ERA will exhibit its proven technologies for aircraft surveillance and air traffic management and their most recent innovations at the World ATM Congress. This international exhibition and conference organized by CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) will take place at IFEMA trade park in Madrid, Spain from June 21th to 23th, 2022 with more than 200 speakers from 110 countries.

We cordially invite you to visit us at ERA stand 251 (Hall 9), learn about IXO SYSTEM – a novel ATM/UTM solution, and enjoy our Happy Hour on June 21th at 4:00pm.


World ATM Congress as the world’s largest international ATM exhibition and conference, held 26-28 October 2021 in Madrid, Spain attracted over 9,500 registrants this year. This event brought together the world’s leading product developers, experts, stakeholders, air navigation service providers and provided an opportunity for 250 exhibitors from more than 130 countries to present their innovative ATM solutions. During three days of the congress, 200 speakers took the floor at conference sessions to give educational lectures and share latest technology innovations. An extraordinary attention was given to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and to a management of UAS traffic (UTM).

We, the R-SYS s.r.o., Slovakia attending the Congress under the auspices of our parent company, the ERA a.s., Czech Republic took this occasion to present our innovative ATM products. First, IXO system, providing an integrated management and control system for operations of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. IXO information system enables an access to, and exchange of aeronautical information between all airspace users in accordance with SWIM concept. IXO can be delivered as a “cloud” or “on-premises” solution.

Another product we presented, is Common Ground Surveillance System (CGSS) designed for airports as an alternative to advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS). CGSS is delivered within ERIS-A solution. A feedback of the target audience to a presentation of our products was very positive, so we believe that R-SYS solutions can satisfy high demands of the concerned aviation community.

R-SYS again top rated by Bisnode D&B

R-SYS s.r.o. again received the prestigious AAA rating certificate from the company Bisnode (Dun & Bradstreet), which ranked it among 0.09% of the most trusted economic entities in Slovakia. Acquisition of Bisnode AAA scoring is conditioned by good economic results, salary index and low risk of company bankruptcy. The R-SYS met the strictest criteria of economic evaluation according to the statistical predictive model Bisnode, which confirmed that it is a reliable and stable business partner not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

About the Bisnode certificate

The Bisnode certificate is issued in three grades A, AA, AAA. The company that obtains the certificate is considered serious and stable in terms of business cooperation and management of funds. The A-AAA rating will be obtained by 10% of economic entities operating in Slovakia, while the highest AAA rating can be obtained by a maximum of 0.09% of the highest quality companies.

The history of the AAA company’s credibility appreciation dates back to 1908. Thanks to its international reach, it is especially suitable for companies with business partners not only from Slovakia, but also from all over the Europe.

MamDron Apps for Drone Flight Planning introduced by R-SYS Ltd, Slovakia

The R-SYS Ltd, Slovakia, having an extensive expertise in a development and production of air traffic control systems, has designed, implemented and put on the market the MamDron information system for drone flight planning (MamDron IS). A purpose of MamDron project performed in a cooperation with the “Mám Dron” civil society is to provide Slovak drone pilots with all information needed for flight planning. MamDron IS includes also applications for iOS and Android mobile devices that are available free of charge to registered users.  

MamDron IS users are provided with tools needed for planning drone flights in a compliance with the applicable Slovak and European legislation in effect. Operations of drones (unmanned aircraft) are governed by several regulations restricting or prohibiting drone flights in certain portions of the airspace. Generally, such restrictions refer not only to airspace areas allocated for manned aircraft operations but also to an airspace identified by reserved areas on the surface, such as conservation areas, critical infrastructure, etc. MamDron IS role is to provide an access to this kind of data by use of just one SW application and through a single interface. Hence, upon submitting a flight plan (by specifying the operation category, flight route, duration and a purpose of the flight) the drone operator is clearly notified about specific conditions and limitations applied to the intended operation.

How MamDron Applications Work

The core of the mobile application is an interactive map showing to a drone pilot the zone allocated for his intended flight as specified in flight plan he can fill-in and submit with just a few clicks. A couple seconds after its submitting, MamDron provides all available information on possible constraints along the flight route including reserved areas and no-drone zones (where drone flying is temporary not allowed), and produces their visual representation on the screen of the pilot’s mobile device. Then, after a receipt of the related notification message, the pilot can check the zone availability for future flights. If the allocated drone zone overlaps with a reserved area or no-drone zone, the pilot can change his flight plan.

Which Inputs MamDron Uses

MamDron IS is designed in a way to collect a large amount of information on the reserved areas at the Slovak territory where drone flights are restricted or prohibited in accordance with specific conditions. The system is open and currently, following reserved areas and facilities are included in its database: 

  • Airports and areas around airports (ATZ/CTR)
  • Nature conservation areas
  • High voltage transmission lines
  • Highways and expressways
  • Military facilities and airspace allocated to Air Force operations   
  • Facilities/buildings in residential areas that are considered to be of a special interest.

MamDron application is designed for a dynamic creation of no-drone zones within which flight of drones is temporary not allowed, usually due to security concerns of large-scale events (such as VIP events, sporting events, concerts, military exercises, etc.) requiring its closure for a specified time period. Up-to-date information on Slovak no-drone zones is available at:

In addition, MamDron users can benefit also from an access to information about no-drone zones as specified by municipalities collaborating with the MamDron producer. Generally, such no-drone zones may include kindergartens, play grounds, hospitals or other places that may be endangered by drones flying over them, mainly for privacy, safety or security reasons. MamDron also notifies the drone pilot about a risk of its collision with another drone using the same zone, and provides information about a current weather in specified drone zones.   

When developing MamDron IS we paid a close attention to an integration of all available data set out by both Slovak and EU drone regulations for drone operation. We have even invited municipalities to participate at this project and to identify local zones they want to restrict or exclude from drone flying. MamDron is not intended to put limits on drone operation, but on the contrary, it is aimed at its safe integration into the manned aviation to support drone usage for commercial purposes. We plan to enhance the system by features providing drone identification, real-time tracking of drone movement, as well as drone flight control through use of artificial intelligence. ” said Marek Náhlik, CEO, R-SYS Ltd.

Support to “Mám Dron” Civil Society

The MamDron project was initiated by the “Mám Dron” civil society having an ambition to promote and push ahead an ethical and responsible use of drones in Slovakia. However, turning this idea into a reality assumed, among others, an availability of IT solution that would provide drone users with information on air traffic situation while drawing attention to areas within which drone flights are restricted or even prohibited. To this end, the society turned upon the R-SYS Ltd, having extensive experience in a development of air traffic control systems to support this activity by a delivery of an unmanned aerial vehicle management system, which under the name MamDron will soon be introduced to Slovak aviation community.

We are pleased that the R-SYS Ltd undertook to support our ambitions aimed at enforcing a responsible use of drones in Slovakia, and thus at improving a safety of unmanned aircraft operations by a delivery a SW solution designed for such purpose. We, at “Mám Dron”, consider it a huge step forward as it contributes to not only efficient and safe use of airspace, but also to a social acceptance of drones, and to an expansion of commercial use of drones in the very near future. Our strategy is to make the MamDron App accessible to as many drone users as possible since it represents a flight planning tool complying with applicable drone rules adopted by the concerned Slovak and EU authorities. We believe that this approach will be much appreciated not only by drone pilots but also by the general public not always perceiving drones positively.” … said Maroš Chromík, Chairman, “Mám Dron” Civil Society.      

New Cloud Solution for Flight Planning in the Netherlands delivered by R-SYS Ltd., Slovakia

The R-SYS s.r.o., Slovakia, a subsidiary of ERA a.s., Czech Republic, has delivered and put into operation Pilot Briefing & Flight Planning system for the Netherlands’s ANSP (LVNL). The system, titled HomeBriefing (HBS) is operated as a cloud solution on SaaS contract basis (Software as a Service). Technological environment of the Service is in the full responsibility of the R-SYS Ltd. HBS provides registered users with all pertinent aeronautical information integrated and visualized over a map view via a modern graphical user interface. HBS users can take advantage of tools for flight planning, flight plan (FPL) validation and also to benefit from FPL management features implemented at ARO working positions.

HomeBriefing major task is to provide pilots (not limited to those of General Aviation) a quickly accessible, intuitive and easy-to-use guide for flight preparation via an online web application that also allows an online FPL submission to LVNL Flight Information Center (FSC) without using phone, fax or e-mail. Further, it ensures an availability of regularly updated aviation information. One month after putting HBS into operation, more than 1900 pilots have already registered into HBS application.

“Adopting a Cloud-based solution for HomeBriefing into the structure and processes of LVNL presented an innovation challenge. Especially the implementation phase was more complicated than usual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, thanks to the flexibility and responsibility of our partner, the R-SYS, we were able to succeed. 

Since the main goal is to bring pilots a SW solution providing the comprehensive set of reliable aeronautical information in a well-arranged graphic form, HBS integration represents a step forward in providing services not only to pilots and ANSP operators, but also to the overall aviation community in the Netherlands,” said Colin van Esch, Project Manager, LVNL.

What is HomeBriefing

HomeBriefing is a web-based application designed for planning flights to be performed by VFR/IFR pilots and flight management carried out by ANSP operators. LVNL believes that HomeBriefing integration will help to improve planning of flight operations and to increase an efficiency of distribution and management of flight plans. This is backed by the R-SYS team’s expertise and its more than 20 years’ experience in Air Traffic Control systems programming.   

HomeBriefing website

HBS itself is represented by the website:, providing an access to a web application designed for pilots, students of flight schools or operators at airports. Upon a free registration, tools for creating, validating and submitting flight plans via a standard internet connection and a web browser are available to logged-in users. An additional HBS application is intended for ARO operators who are responsible for a processing and management of flight plans. Hence, HBS provides a complete chain of features that enable a processing and distribution of flight plans, starting from their preparation & submission, approval up to a change request (if required).

A quality of HBS output is derived from inputs provided by following data sources:

  • AFTN (LVNL node – NOTAMs, METAR, TAF, etc.)
  • European AIS Database (SDO service, NOTAMs, AIP, PIB)
  • Koninklijk Nederlands Meteologisch Institute (current weather data, SYNOPs)

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this important project delivering an improved efficiency and comfort of flight planning for the Netherlands‘s aviation community. HomeBriefing application integrates all information that pilots and airline operators may need to plan, manage and perform flights. The application is tailored to LVNL needs while taking into consideration special requirements laid down for flights in Dutch airspace as well as all relevant safety and operational requirements of the European Union and EASA. By putting HomeBriefing into operation, the Netherlands becomes the fifth EU country using the R-SYS solution as the primary flight planning system,” said Marek Náhlik, CEO, R-SYS Ltd.