R-SYS participated in the first autonomous BVLOS inspection flight in Slovakia

On 22.5.2024 the first autonomous drone flight without visual contact in Slovakia took place, organized by Východoslovenská Energetika Holding,a.s. – Východoslovenská distribučná (VSD). R-SYS participated in this unique flight by providing position and data display from the drone using the Authority console of the IXO UTM system.

The course of the autonomous flight

The automation of drone operations is a trend that opens new doors to the potential of unmanned systems. The advantages of using drones without visual contact are also realized by Východoslovenská distribučná (VSD) – a company that manages thousands of kilometers of power lines in Slovakia. That is why it organised the first demonstration flight by a drone to inspect high-voltage power lines in a designated location. Its implementation was made possible by an operating permit from the Transport Authority of the Slovak Republic (the first of its kind in the country), whose representatives were also present at the event.

The mission planning and flight execution was provided by the event partner – Zephyr UAS. The drone (DJI Dock) took off from the Lemešany power station and during the 9km flight performed an inspection of 21 high voltage poles. The drone flew along a pre-planned route and collected visual data from each pole. These were then analysed and processed by AI.

The flight was controlled from the VSD control room in Košice, approximately 20km away from the take-off point. Its progress was controlled by an operator who could take over manual control at any stage. As part of safety, the drone’s reactions to unforeseen events, such as loss of signal or adverse weather conditions, were planned and prepared in advance.

Real-time data from the drone

The drone was equipped with the LTE remote identification module Dronetag, which cooperates with the Authority console of the IXO UTM (Mam Dron) system developed by our company. Participants in the control room could thus monitor the location and other data transmitted from the drone in real time on a map background. Our colleague Pavol Serbín explained other possibilities of the IXO UTM web console, such as creating drone/no-drone zones, displaying data using Network/Direct ID, or calculating conflicts with non-flight zones.

The first flight without visual contact naturally attracted the interest of the media, which reported its results to the public. The communication of the event was also supported by the Mám Dron Association, which works closely with R-SYS to educate UAS pilots and promote the MamDron information system.

The inspection flight was also supported by an accompanying programme held in Lemešany. It included a drone competition Dronved 2024 and excursions in the premises of the electrical station.

On behalf of R-SYS, we would like to thank VSD for allowing us to be part of this unique mission that demonstrated and showcased the capabilities of today’s unmanned technologies for streamlining operations not only in the energy sector, but in many other areas of industry and services.

CEO of R-SYS in a panel discussion at the Dronecon conference in Prague

On 4.4.2024, the 1st edition of the Dronecon, a professional drone forum was held at the CIIRC ČVÚT in Prague. Approximately 150 visitors of the event, which was organized by the Euro weekly, had the opportunity to watch and listen to panel discussions of experts on current topics related to unmanned aviation, especially in the Czech Republic. Marek Náhlik – CEO of R-SYS, whose parent company ERA was also a partner of the event, was invited to participate in a panel on drone safety.

Advanced drone services

After the arrival and registration of the participants, the event was opened by Ondřej Kubala from the Euro weekly and the opening speech was given by the Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic Martin Kupek and the Rector of the CTU Vojtěch Petráček. This was followed by the first panel discussion dedicated to the topic of advanced drone services and urban air mobility. Representatives of the Czech Air Transport Authority, Prague Airport, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the Czech Chamber of Commerce discussed the need to define a strategy for the development of the drone ecosystem and the possibilities of the current infrastructure for drone services and the need to build a polygon for testing of the U-space implamentation procedure in the conditions of the Czech Republic.

Development of the drone economy

The second panel focused on investment opportunities associated with drone technologies and the impact of regulations on the development of the drone economy. The discussants (Dronetag, Railway Administration, UAVA CZ, Telink) raised the topics of the drone ecosystem in the context of legislative requirements, market opportunities and technological innovations. They agreed on the need for European and national regulations guaranteeing airspace safety, standardization of processes and communication between U-Space participants, which should not hinder the development of business opportunities at the same time.

Security challenges

After lunch and networking, the programme continued with a discourse on the security challenges that drones currently bring. Marek Náhlik (R-SYS) together with Ladislav Semetkovsky (Primoco), Ales Trtil (LAA), Brigadier General Roman Hytch (Czech Armed Forces) and Vladimir Šafařík (Rohde & Schwarz) discussed drone detection and elimination systems, the use of unmanned technologies in various interventions, and drones as part of the national security strategy. From the position of the director of R-SYS, a company dedicated to the development and implementation of systems for the management of unmanned operations, Marek Náhlik pointed out the need for safe management of drones in the airspace and its harmonization with the existing infrastructure of manned operations.

U-Space and development

The coffee break was followed by a final discussion focusing on the future of the drone ecosystem in the context of U-Space deployment in the Czech Republic, and the panelists also presented research projects and technologies being developed in the Czech Republic. Representatives from Honeywell Aerospace, CSG Aerospace, VZLU and AgentFly spoke about the development of unique aircraft and technologies in the Czech Republic, the role of research in the development of regulations and the specifics of U-Space in the Czech Republic.

The Dronecon event was met with positive reactions from both speakers and audience, and confirmed that expert discussions, forums and conferences are essential for the progress in the use of unmanned technologies and the societal acceptance of the coming advanced services.

R-SYS enables ANSPs to handle flight plans easier, safer and more efficient by using CFSP API

LVNL (Dutch ANSP) has made it possible for commercial flight plan providers to submit VFR flight plans more easily and safely by using R-SYS developed CFSP API. This allows LVNL to process flight plans more quickly and some of this work by the LVNL Flight Service Center (responsible for FPL handling at LVNL) is further automated. LVNL is the first air traffic control organization in Europe to do this, in collaboration with supplier R-SYS.

One of the tasks of the Flight Service Center of LVNL is to check and approve general aviation VFR flight plans, for instance for private pilots or business & helicopter operators. The FSC also provides information about everything that takes place in Dutch airspace. Until recently, commercial flight plan providers provided all flight plans by email. Through a link between the various systems, flight plan providers can now submit VFR flight plans to the same system, where pilots can also submit a flight plan directly and where all important information about the airspace can be found; on the website This therefore benefits the commercial providers, pilots and LVNL itself. The process is also safer because the chance of human error is reduced.

Collaboration with Commercial Flight Plan Service Providers

LVNL came up with the concept for this new system connection in collaboration with supplier R-SYS. This concept was then tested with the three Commercial Flight Plan Service Providers (CFSPs) with which LVNL is currently working. The system connection with the first commercial flight plan provider (EuroFPL) is live and in use since November 2023. It is expected that two other CFSPs will join in the first half of 2024.

Peak load management at Flight Service Centre

Team manager of the FSC is happy with the result. “This is a great step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of this process for the FSC. The FSC has a very high peak load and the new system connection helps to manage this. This improves mutual communication, reduces sensitivity to errors, flight plans are received faster and can also be processed faster.”

LVNL project leader adds: “The service level is increasing because flight plans can be processed faster and it becomes safer because email is no longer used in the operational process. We are taking a step forward in technology and cybersecurity.

About flight plans

A flight plan is a document that pilots submit to LVNL before they fly. Flight plans give us insight into which aircraft will fly at what time. This way, our air traffic control can better regulate crowds. Submitting a flight plan is mandatory when you want to take off or land at a controlled airport or cross a national border. This must be done at least one hour before departure. Even if you want to fly through controlled airspace during your flight, submitting a flight plan is mandatory. This way we prevent unsafe situations from arising with other air traffic.


CFSP API is part of R-SYS IXO family of ATM/UTM solutions aimed at ANSPs. It enables exchange FPL messages between CFSPs and ARO in modern and fully automated way. FPLs filled in by pilots using mobile app provided to them by CFSP are send by CFSP using CFSP API to the IXO system which presents them to ARO staff for further processing. CFSP then via the same API receives information about acceptance or rejection of FPL by ARO and can display this information via it’s mobile app to the pilot.

NOTAM Portal by R-SYS helps LVNL to streamline NOTAM creation


Trenčín, Slovakia – March 5, 2024: Managing NOTAM requests from various airports and originators can be challenging, often resulting in difficulties tracking proposals and ensuring their accuracy before publication. To address this, R-SYS has developed the NOTAM Portal system, streamlining the entire process from proposal creation to publishing on the EAD.

The Challenge

In the Netherlands, numerous airports regularly submit NOTAM requests to the NOF (NOTAM Office), a part of the LVNL Flight Service Centre, which must validate and verify each proposal for accuracy. While some requests are straightforward, many require multiple revisions and exchanges between originators and the NOF.

The Solution

The R-SYS NOTAM Portal provides a centralized platform accessible to both originators and NOF staff. Originators, grouped by organization, can manage proposals directly within the web-based tool. After validating proposals using the EAD AIMSL NOTAM validation API, originators submit them to the NOF. Once submitted, proposals appear on the NOF’s screens for review and processing. NOF staff can examine proposals, offer modifications, and exchange comments with originators before finalizing and sending them to the EAD for publication.

NOTAM porposal form helps users to fill in NOTAM proposal in as convinient way as possible

Operational usage

Since its launch on February 22, the NOTAM Portal has processed numerous proposals, garnering positive feedback from originators and LVNL NOF staff alike. Users appreciate the system’s intuitive interface, reduction in workload, and improved visibility into NOTAM request statuses.


Linkage editor enables users to link proposals to the existing static objects

Airspace World 2024: an exceptional edition for R-SYS and ERA

The next edition of the international conference and exhibition Airspace World 2024 will take place in Geneva on 19th – 21st of March 2024. Airspace World is the most significant global event presenting new trends in modern aviation and air traffic management where ANSP representatives, aviation experts, and representatives of private companies network, exchange information, and discuss the current trends in aviation.

R-SYS could not miss this opportunity to present its solutions for manned and unmanned air traffic management belonging to the IXO System family within the stand of its parent company ERA (stand no. B22).

Moreover, 2024 is a year significant for both companies as R-SYS celebrates its 15th and ERA its 30th anniversary. Therefore, we cordially invite you to a small birthday party on 19th of March 2024 from 15:00 at stand B22

We will be delighted to meet and greet not only our friends and business partners, but also other event participants. Should the time not be convenient for you, our R-SYS and ERA representatives will of course be available at the stand throughout the whole exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition section, the Airspace World 2024 will offer a rich programme of presentations and panel discussions on current topics such as innovation and digital transformation in ATM, the path to advanced air mobility, turning the skies green, or unlocking the potential of drones.

The R-SYS has been granted the prestigious AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2023

The esteemed AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2023 has been issued to R-SYS s.r.o. by Dun & Bradstreet again in 2023, placing the company in the top 0.09% of Slovakia’s most reliable economic operations.

A AAA Rating Certificate can be obtained by operators who exhibit stable financial standing, reliable payment practices, and minimal bankruptcy risk. With this honor, R-SYS has proven that it satisfies the most stringent economic evaluation standards as determined by the Dun & Bradstreet statistical predictive model, thereby establishing itself as a dependable and trustworthy business partner for its global clientele.

R-SYS will exhibit at Airspace World 2023, Geneva

R-SYS s.r.o. together with ERA a.s., its parent company is going to exhibit its innovative products at Airspace World 2023 exhibition held in Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva on 8 – 10 March 2023. The exhibition organized by Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation, CANSO is a prestigious and global event introducing the latest trends and innovations in airspace and near-airspace management technologies. Besides the attractive exhibits that can be viewed on the exhibition area of 22 000 m2 the visitors can take part in lectures and discussions with ATM professionals

We seize this opportunity to cordially invite you to Stand No. B40 (we share with ERA a.s.) to introduce you our key product named IXO, an innovative SW solution integrating management of manned and unmanned air traffic (ATM/UTM) which has been delivered to, and is in operation of several European ANSPs.

The company R-SYS received the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

Since December 2022, R-SYS has been certified by the information security management system according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard for the following activities:

  • Design, development and delivery of custom SW and HW solutions for transportation domain and other industries including security solutions.
  • Design, development and delivery of digital recording & replay systems and related  data management.
  • Providing SaaS (SW as a Service) through third-party cloud service.

This system concerns the establishment, operation and implementation of information services and information security, which protect company data and processes from cyber-attacks. The ISO 27001 standard represents a summary of the requirements that our company R-SYS s.r.o. meets, so that it is considered trustworthy and safe from the point of view of information security.

This certificate is valid from 15 December 2022 until 31 October 2025 and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits.


The R-SYS s.r.o., has once again been granted the prestigious AAA highest creditworthiness Rating Certificate 2022 awarded by Dun & Bradstreet ranking the R-SYS among 0.09% of the most credible economic operators of Slovakia.

AAA Rating Certificate can be achieved by operators having a strong financial position, sound payment behaviour and low risk of bankruptcy. By this award, the R-SYS demonstrated meeting the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Dun & Bradstreet’s statistical predictive model to become a trustworthy and reliable business partner for its customers worldwide.

R-SYS as the main partner of the DRONTEX 2022 Conference

Our company R-SYS,s.r.o. has been actively cooperating for a long time with the Mám Dron Association on the development and operation of the MamDron information system, which is being used as a mobile application by almost 3,000 drone pilots in the Slovak Republic. Our common activities also resulted in the cooperation on the DRONTEX Conference that was held on the 20th of October 2022 in Piešťany as the first professional event of its kind in Slovakia, and offered to its 150 participants 30 presentations and speeches of experts in umnanned aircraft technologies including the experts from EASA and GUTMA.

Besides the assistance R-SYS provided in the preparation of the conference programme, our CEO Ing. Marek Náhlik addressed the audience in the session Management of Unmanned Aerial Operations, where he introduced the prospects of autonomous air transport in the context of solutions developed by our company. The management of unmanned aerial operations is one of the topics covered by R-SYS as a part of the IXO System, which has been successfully deployed in various modifications in several European countries.