Surveillance Data Processing System

MDDS belongs to a family of advanced surveillance data processing equipment designed for air traffic control and flight planning of civil/military operations on both TMA and airport level.

Controllers are provided with integrated air picture of the controlled area, supplemented by aeronautical and meteorological information and tools for aircraft vectoring.

MDDS technology encompasses such notable features as surveillance data processing sensor tracking, multi sensory data fusion, Flight Data Processing, Safety Nets, Recording and Replay, or full system monitoring.

Full support for Short-term Conflict Calculation and indication (STCA, MSAW, APW, APM)


  • High modularity and flexibility of hardware and software configurations
  • Processing and display of data received from surveillance sensors is provided by Server and Client SW applications running on controller/operator working positions
  • Possibility to further customize MMI developed in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards
  • Support for customer driven solutions