Weather Radar Data Display

WDD brings an advanced engineering solution designed to present current weather information in addition to displayed air traffic situation within a controlled airspace area. A presentation of integrated weather picture on ATCO screens significantly contributes to a real-time weather situational awareness as it facilitates a flexible response of controllers to instant weather changes when controlling the air traffic.  Local weather can be forecast for the next hours or days based on multiple parameters such as the direction of storm cloud motion, the change of wind intensity, etc.

WDD is capable of displaying 2D/3D weather information over air picture generated by sensors providing surveillance data such as ADS-B sensors, MLAT systems, etc.


  • Ease of installation and maintenance, fully automatic operation
  • Support of ATC controllers and weathermen
  • Improvement of flight safety in all weather conditions
  • Early warning of severe weather events
  • Support of various modes of operation displaying a variety of weather information (PPI, CAPPI, RHI, EchoTops, VIL, Rainfall Accumulation)